Who is REDtrac?

REDtrac® LLC is a Bakersfield, California based collaboration of software and hardware engineers and industry experts with extensive experience in agriculture, oil and gas, emissions compliance, design, construction, vehicle fleet logistics management, and industrial operations.

REDtrac® and its business partners currently monitor, analyze and report on over 250,000 assets worldwide.

What type of product does REDtrac offer?

REDtrac® offers a versatile server or web-based software platform accompanied by a proprietary device integration module that allows us to create a custom asset management and GPS tracking solution for any client regardless of their particular market. We are not a company who offers a device or hardware solution and requires its client to utilize a device dependent software solution. This approach is usually very specific and typically does not integrate with the other operational software a client may be using for either additional asset tracking or elsewhere in the business operation. Our product has been designed for the exact opposite approach. We are a software company with a platform so versatile that is almost completely agnostic to the current hardware options in the market place. Our efforts are then focused on creating a user friendly interface that creates a beneficial asset to management relationship across the entire spectrum of our clients operation. In short, our software platform can elevate asset management from a stand-alone business feature to an innovative business analysis tool, which can then give progressive clients the opportunity to concentrate on gaining additional traction in their particular market or space.

Why is asset management and GPS tracking important to my business?

All business entities are under a tremendous strain to provide the highest level of quality control available for their clients while creating additional internal value for their organization. This principal exists regardless of the exact focus for your particular business. It doesn’t matter whether you are a farmer, oil & gas service provider, trucker, manufacturer, vendor, government entity, or a regulatory agency, your goal is to operate at a high level while maximizing your inputs. This is important to note given that a business entity is not always capable of controlling the market price of their product. Controlling or minimizing the operational cost can build additional profits into a business regardless of the present market conditions. The ability to gather, analyze, and distribute information correctly adds value and is vital to the continued existence of all types of businesses. This is the fundamental philosophy behind asset management and GPS tracking.

How does REDtrac® gather the data from a fleet of assets?

We gather a fleet’s data by installing various types of remote telemetry hardware devices. These devices can collect various types of data depending on the type of device and the information deemed important for that exact business entity. The data, once collected by the device, is then transmitted by one of several methods including cellular modem, radio frequency, satellite transmission, or land telephone line to a designated server of the clients choosing.

What happens after the data is collected and transmitted?

Once the data is collected and transmitted to a server, it can then be organized by our software platform and integrated into a user-friendly interface that is customized for each client. At this point, the client will discover the additional value in our LINKWISE software platform. This can include creating reports, performing a simple review of the data, or exporting the data out into other operational software used in the daily function of the business entity.

How is the LINKWISE software platform sold?

The LINKWISE software platform can be sold to a REDtrac® client through a hosted subscription agreement which is billed either monthly or on an annual basis. The second purchase option available is a non-hosted LINKWISE licensing agreement. One of the unique features of this product is that it can be sold under a non-hosted licensing agreement to a business entity who can then employ their own user interface and resale the software subscriptions as part of that entities own product line. In other words, our product can actually help a business create a fresh revenue stream which coincides with the original product line currently offered to the entity’s present clientele.

What is the best way to contact REDtrac® for questions or product demonstrations?

The best way to contact REDtrac® is through our informational email address or through your REDtrac sales and marketing representative. Feel free to contact our Operations Manager whose contact information is listed below with any questions or requests for further information.

Phone: (844) RED-TRAC (733-8772)
Email: info@red-trac.com