Tank Levels

Everything You Need to Monitor Your Water and Fuel Levels.

REDtrac measures fluid levels in reservoirs, ponds, canals and enclosed tanks, then provides alarms and reports based on the conditions you set. Calculate not only levels, but quantities (gallons, acre feet, etc) for oil, water, chemicals, diesel, gasoline, propane or most any liquid.

REDtrac provides remote tank monitoring and reporting services through a sole source combination of hardware, sensors, and software applications to deliver critical tank level and other data 24/7, available virtually anywhere in the world.

Measure your key fluid resources such as:

  • commodity chemicals
  • diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)
  • motor fuels
  • lubricants
  • water treatment
  • propane

Our market-specific tank monitoring solutions and tank telemetry products help ensure product purity and eliminate run-outs and emergency deliveries, improve resource planning, route optimization and more.

REDtrac remote tank monitoring data makes your operations more efficient, and that helps make your business more profitable.