Asset Tracking

REDtrac software platform overview
REDtrac LinkWise asset management and GPS tracking software enables clients to locate and track assets in real time. The platform is scalable from a single truck to thousands of trailers so that you can track all your vehicles and assets without interruption or any additional logistical concerns. REDtrac’s asset tracking system is ideal for industrial and non-industrial equipment fleets including:

  • On and off highway vehicles
  • Oilfield and construction equipment
  • Agricultural and farming equipment
  • Transport and harvesting trailers
  • Passenger vehicles

The REDtrac platform includes:

  • GPS Tracking and Geofencing
  • Service and Maintenance Alerts and Notifications
  • Customized Asset Alerts and Notifications
  • Operational Reports (Standard and Customized)
  • Frequent Update Rates
  • Electronic Driver Logs (coming soon)

REDtrac LinkWise Greenhouse Gas Reporting
The burden of emissions compliance has created a costly strain on all businesses. REDtrac has developed a reporting module to reduce the impact of current and future regulatory reporting including:

  • CARB Record keeping and Reporting
  • EPA Record keeping and Reporting
  • Local AQMD Record keeping and Reporting
  • Title V Record keeping and Reporting