Monitoring by REDtrac® provides all the information you need for informed actions about your wells, water and soils, plus management of your booster/filter stations and ponds.

REDtrac’s WATERtrac® system monitors all aspects of your operations for both SGMA compliance and your internal management requirements.

With REDtrac’s WATERtrac® System:

  • Monitor Pumps & Motors
  • Test Pumps On Demand
  • Water Cost per Acre Foot as Incurred
  • Know Water Depth & Flow Rates
  • Monitor Water Quality
  • Schedule Irrigation
  • Check Soil Moisture, Weather & Evaporation

Everything you need to know – on one screen at your office, tablet or mobile devices

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Our suite of products and services are a necessity for:

  • Water Storage Districts
  • Irrigation Companies
  • Municipalities
  • Farming Operations of all sizes
  • Farm Management
  • Dairies
  • Agricultural Investors
  • Oil & Industrial Companies