Water / Industrial Monitoring

With REDtrac’s ground water monitoring, you will have all the information and trends you need to know to make the most informed decisions regarding your well.  REDtrac is able to monitor all aspects of a well.  You can see how pumping and standing levels in your well change daily, seasonally or annually.  You will know exactly how much energy you are using at any given time and in any give segment of time.  REDtrac will measure the amount of water being pumped and is able to allocate exact energy costs per acre foot of water produced.  REDtrac can calculate and chart the Specific Capacity of your well to let you know what the efficiency trends are of the well.  You are able to see whether or not your lubrication oil is dripping while the pump is running, and REDtrac is able to send notifications if the pump is running and the oil is not dripping.  You will be able to track and chart the amount of vibration of the well to see if it has changed over time and to catch any problems.  With REDtrac you are also able to keep an eye on your water quality, with remote PH and EC sensors.  Anything that a water well owner would want to know about their well is at their fingertips with REDtrac ground water monitoring.